Hey there, I'm Steven! I am the owner and creator of MotionPicturePeels. I work in Camera Department as a Camera Operator and Movi Operator with a niche being in the Automotive Industry. You can checkout my instagram @stevenspielvogel
I started MotionPicturePeels in the first quarter of 2022. My first ever product were stickers, which many grew to a liking very quickly.
After the stickers started to get traction, I was getting multiple messages on Instagram about making one of the sticker designs into a Velcro/Embroidered Patch! I was absolutely thrilled that people wanted to put these fun designs on the side of their camera, sun hood, cart, etc. 

My goal here for MotionPicturePeels is to give Filmmakers these Fun, Quirky Stickers, Patches, and maybe down the line...T-Shirts! I hope these products add a little bit of fun while you're on set!
Come say hi and tag us with your Stickers and Patches on Instagram! @MotionPicturePeels